Your data is like a big puzzle

It gives real insights about your business, your IT infrastructure, your work and private life, your vulnerabilities ... But what can happen if a "bad guy" makes this puzzle for you?

Many pieces are on the web

So bad guys only need to collect them! This way they have a good picture about your business, your infrastructure, your vulnerabilities ... If a bad guy connect all these pieces together he can stay under cover while elaborating a plan to attack your IT and cause a real threat to your business!

But what make it possible?

The real question is : do you control your data ? Your business is generating a huge amount of data and maybe there are many leaks! You can be suprised by the amount of data we can find publicly available on the web. But we have the solution !

Althree hero

We are open data heros!

We can give your company superpowers to control its data. We help you acheive that goal through open data analytics. We know how to connect the pieces and make your data tell the same story a bad guy can see. We help you find the data leaks and help you remediate them.

So that you control threats you can not see

Together we build your security and identify the challenges you face. This way you better control your data, you better understand your IT infrastructure and you reinforce your security. Interested? Check out our solutions!

It is all about open data

Our solution use data freely available on the web. These data tell the big picture about your company and must be considered as a gate to your IT infrastructure. We are able to work on big data and connect the dots for you. We have automized our solution so that we can quickly and effectively deliver.

Ok! But why to choose ALTHREE ?

We are a team of trained professionals. As observers of the hacking industry we know how the "bad guys" operate and how data leaks can influence your corporate's IT security. We help our customers enhance their security keeping their tools safe and operationals. To do so we have packaged our services, so take a look at our solutions.


The big picture of your security
Meeting to start the recognition phase (assessment of IT infrastructure and assesment perimeter)
Identification and detection of vulnerabilities (working from public data only), confidential data leaks detection, attack surface mapping ...
Report describing the trends and specifying your most frequent risks and their consequences on your activity.
Risk ranking.
Remediation suggestions.
Complete IT security testing
Meeting to start the recognition phase (assessment of IT infrastructure and assesment perimeter)
Identification and detection of vulnerabilities - Recognition phase.
Technical testing based on the defined perimeter. (Network test, web testing, routers, firewalls, ...)
Penetration test.
Social engineering test.
Risk ranking.
Full audit report with explanations of our findings and remediation suggestions.
Coaching and training of your teams
Training sessions of your teams.
Security related conferences and events organisation.
Sensibilisation campaigns and social engineering testing.
Individual coaching.

Let's meet up !

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